As part of the sensual engagement with the natural world I create site-specific performances at the borders of land and sea.  Here the connections between the inner and outer landscape are explored and the natural world becomes a lover and invites all to a different relationship with the elements.

The earth becomes a place of deep listening and I cooperate with the textures of earth to see what emerges through my body.  My body is the earth and the earth is the body.  Here is the place for this relationship to bloom into form.

I integrate my three loves: the physicality of being in the creation, either through dancing or walking,  poetry which arises from the earth, and connecting performance to a contemplative nature.

Celeste Snowber, Site-Specific work with wind, waves, drift-wood, Big Island of Hawaii

INNER WAVE ~ ISLAND FIRE is a video journey exploring the interplay of
earth-elements and dance on the Big Island of Hawaii, February, 2010

THIRST is another collaborative DANCE-VIDEO-POETRY piece which explores
the boundary between human longing — the expanses in human and earth-nature.

REKNITTING A LIFE speaks of the acknowledgement of all the fibers
of humanhood which we celebrate individually and collectively
as persons, lovers, families and society.

TIDAL POEMS & DANCES is a celebration of a life steeped in the elements of nature that surround the boundary where land meets water. Delight in driftwood, barnacles and broken shells informs our more poetic sense and pushes us to explore our own broken, salty and withered surfaces.