The Fruitful Dark of Winter

                                              Photo Credit: Michele Mateus

UBC Botanical Garden Artist in Residence

I am presently the Artist in Residence in the UBC Botanical Garden a creating performances of dance and poetry in connection with the seasons. I have offered five full-length performances so far: Spring Incarnata 2016, Summer Incarnata 2016, Fall Incarnata and Winter Incarnata 2017, and Magnolia Incarnata.

The next Maple Musings performance is scheduled for July 13, at 5:30 p.m.

clematis 1

Photo by Yuya Takeda




Photo by Chris Randle from “Woman Giving Birth to a Red Pepper” performance.

A trailer from the show, “Woman Giving Birth to a Red Pepper.”  Created and performed by Celeste Snowber and  joined by award winning bassist Jodi Proznick and Directed by Lynn Fels.  Premiered at The VanCity Culture Lab in Vancouver, B.C., Sept. 20 & 21, 2014. Video by Chris Randle







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