Artist/Educator Statement –   Celeste Snowber

I am fascinated by opposites, the meeting of what appears to be separate forms

or processes and find ways for them to dance together.

Photo Credits: Chris Randle

It is in this place where I am ushered into not knowing.  Staying with the place of not knowing

is the impetus for my dancer and scholar,  my poet and educator and ultimately my whole life.

I work with limitations as a place of grace, where the wound creates a sky – an injury an opportunity

to dance on a chair or with a landscape of stone and water.

My passion is to create cellular vistas

 places of embodied openings through the paradox of our lives.

I dance my questions, and open spaces for others to dance their questions

and here lies the space for movement and the body as inquiry.

As both an academic and dance artist,  I have found improvisation,

voice and word to imbue all my performative work, including dance and writing.

As a dancer turned writer, a writer turning to dance, the interplay of language

and movement is an infinite sky to reach, expand, collapse, extend and always to discover.

All art to me is a place of inquiry,

an unfolding of the depths waiting to form the small beauties of everyday life.