Photo credit: Michele Mateus

Celeste Snowber, PhD is a dancer, poet, scholar and writer and award-winning educator who is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University outside Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Attention to embodied ways of inquiry has been central to Snowber’s scholarly and artistic work for over two decades and she has pioneered dance and movement as a way of inquiry within the field of Arts-Based Research. Celeste is an Interplay leader and  has led workshops throughout North America and continues to focus her work in the areas of spirituality, the body, arts-based research, embodied forms of inquiry, curriculum studies, holistic education, and ecological education.   She has published over fifty chapters and articles as well as six books which include Landscapes of Aesthetic Education and Embodied inquiry: Writing, living and being through the body. Her acclaimed book Embodied Prayer has had two North American editions, a UK edition and been translated into Korean.  She has written a collection of poetry called, Wild Tourist and co-authored with Sean Wiebe a book of poetry entitled Blue Waiting published by Acorn Press in 2017. She is presently finishing a collection of poetry entitled, Beneath the skin of plum black, connected to her Armenian heritage. Celeste has focused her performance on site-specific work and recently has  has been the Artist in Residence in the UBC Botanical garden creating and performing poetry and dance out of each season for the last few years. She is enlivened through artfully opening spaces for transformative learning and was the recipient of the Ted Aoki Distinguished Award in Curriculum Studies in 2016. Ted Aoki Award. Celeste’s love for improvisation in dance, comedy and words infuses her other performance work and will be highlighted in her full-length upcoming show with collaborator Jodi Proznick, “Perfect Imperfections: The Art of a Messy Life.” This follows their last sold out full-length show, “Woman giving birth to a red pepper,” which explored themes of sensuality.  Celeste’s  SFU Faculty website can be found at SFU Celeste Snowber .  She is a mother of three sons, all a tribe of amazing artists and lives with her husband outside Vancouver, BC.  Celeste hopes to reinvent herself in the coming years; giving more time to keynoting, writing books, and dancing in every corner of life!