Site-Specific Dance: Galiano Island, BC

Celeste Snowber, Ph.D.  is a dancer, writer and educator, who is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, outside Vancouver, B.C., Canada.   She has written numerous essays and poetry in various journals and chapters in books in the areas of the arts and is author of Embodied Prayer and co-author of Landscapes in Aesthetic Education. Her most recent collection of  poetry  (2017) is co-authored by Sean Wiebe entitled Blue Waiting published by Acorn Press.  She has also published a collection of poetry, Wild Tourist and her book, Embodied Inquiry: Writing, Living and Being through the Body was released in 2016.

Celeste continues to create/perform site-specific work in connection to the natural world and is passionate about creating from experiences of daily life. She is presently the Artist in Residence in the UBC Botanical garden creating performances of dance and poetry.  Celeste is an Interplay leader and  has led workshops throughout North America and continues to focus her work in the areas of spirituality, the body, arts-based research, embodied forms of inquiry, curriculum studies, holistic education, and ecological education.  She continues to be enlivened through opening spaces for transformative learning. She is the recipient of the Ted Aoki Distinguished Award in Curriculum Studies in 2016. Ted Aoki Award.

Her SFU Faculty website can be found at SFU Celeste Snowber She is a mother of three sons, all a tribe of amazing artists and lives with her husband outside Vancouver, B.C.